Bot Poker

Bot Poker is not about coding... it is about modern software development process.

Today almost everything runs fast - my grandfather said that also snails are faster than the snails of when he was a child - and should run faster.

Software Development is not an exception.

We, as human people, do lots of mistakes, and not surprisingly, less time we have to think about things, more open to mistakes we are.

Bot Poker aims to emulate the frenetique rhythm of modern software development.

We give you a simple task, and let you make lots of mistakes (really a lot if you think about the time you have) in a protected environment.

Hopefully at the end of the day you will have learnt by your own mistakes how to better approach software development (and poker).

In a Nutshell

You, and your team, will write a program that will play Texas Hold'em Poker against programs which have been written by other teams (made up probably by your friendly coworkers, or absolute strange people).

You'll find a Continuous Integration environment already configured in waiting of your code, so that every single change to your codebase will affect immediately the behaviour of your little playing creature.

The game is fast, and by fast I mean fast as a machine can be.
Your program will play lots of different games just in a couple of hours.
You've to win the highest number of games.

Supported languages

Currently JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby and TypeScript are the only supported languages.
However the plan is to include more languages in the future.

Not a dev?

No problem! Playing Bot Poker won't help you learn code... and in order to partecipate you don't even need to have any coding skills.

For example if you consider yourself a poker star, you probably should be the product owner, the one who will decide the strategy/priority for the development team.
Or, as a Quality Assurance Specialist you would verify the effective behaviour of your programs, reporting to the dev team any unexpected (or improvable) behaviour.